Advice & Tricks Of The Trade

Plants To Attract Butterflies

As gardeners we have the opportunity to grow many plants which will provide a nectar source for these beautiful insects. This also helps towards their conservation since many natural butterfly habitats have been lost to urban development. To increase the number of species that visit, plant lots of different nectar... Read more ›

Plants For Chalky/Alkaline Soils

Chalky areas support the richest diversity of plants and animals in the country. Some of our most spectacular scenery is to be found in these areas too e.g. the white cliffs of Dover. Soils found over chalk are invariably alkaline and if the soil is shallow then the chief problems... Read more ›

Perrenials - Things To Do In Winter

Most perennials become dormant in winter, which makes the few that flower or hold their leaves an especially welcome sight. Lift your spirits in winter by thinking of what you can plant to enjoy in the year ahead or how you can use the plants you have already in a... Read more ›