About us

We're a Chelsea Gold Medal winning, small, independent, family run nursery based in Billericay, Essex. We specialise in shade tolerant and woodland plants but also have a choice selection of plants which are a magnet for pollinating insects, our other love.

We began growing plants for sale in 2004 and now grow over 1500 different varieties of plants which we sell at fairs and shows and through our online shop. Originally a hobby, we now rent land on a local farm where all the plants are grown outside. Our plants are grown in peat free compost (Melcourt Sylvagrow with John Innes) and cared for using organic methods.

We became Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) exhibitors in 2017 and appear in the RHS Plant Finder every year. It is a privilege to be able to exhibit at the large flower and garden shows where we’re fortunate to meet 1000’s of wonderful people. Our fellow exhibitors have made us feel part of a big family and we will always be grateful to them for their kindness, support, encouragement and help.   

We love plants and it's such a pleasure to work with them. We grow and supply an ever increasing range of perennials, bulbs, ferns and grasses. We lovingly tend and nurture our plants and pride ourselves on the quality and choice we can supply.

Whilst our range includes traditional cottage garden favourites and reliable, easily grown plants we also have an exciting collection of unusual, rare and seldom seen varieties.

Owning a nursery allows us to indulge our own interests somewhat and we have specialities within our ranges.

They are - Astilbe, Astrantia, Athyrium, Dryopteris, Epimedium, Hardy Geranium, Hosta,  Polygonatum and Polystichum.            

You can be assured that our plants will help to create a garden you will love.

Please note: Lynne is the only full time person at the nursery.


Lynne Moore:

Lynne has gardened for as long as she can remember. Her first memories are picking snowdrops from her grandparents garden (snowdrops are still a favourite). Always encouraged by her grandad Jack, her knowledge and enthusiasm grew until such times that she had her own little garden at her first flat. Grandad duly propagated a number of plants to fill this little plot, many of which Lynne still has today in her current garden. "Without my Grandad I wouldn't be doing what I am. I owe him so much." She’s a complete plantaholic who’s always on the look out for something new, different or unusual to grow. Lynne gave up working as a Senior Fingerprint Expert in the Metropolitan Police Forensic Directorate in February 2016 after 25 years service to work with the plants full time. "I love what I do. I'm so lucky."

Lynne's Grandad (Lynne's Grandad)

The Family:

Lynne is regularly supported by her in-laws. mum Pat, dad Terry and brother Dave. Pat, being an expert gardener is a real help with repotting and plant maintenance. Terry is a real asset with nursery maintenance but will happily lend a hand with anything that's asked of him. Dave often provides the braun, helping move benching around, is now an expert at watering and helps with any job that requires his considerable carpentry skills.

and finally....


Head of quality control for catmint!

So you see, Moore and Moore is a real family affair.

This website is dedicated to the memory of Lynnes' grandad Jack Harborow