Polystichum setiferum (Divisilobum Group) 'Proliferum' - Soft Shield Fern variety

Image of Polystichum setiferum (Divisilobum Group) 'Proliferum' - Soft Shield Fern variety
  • Evergreen

  • Fern

  • Plant for chalk soil

  • Plant for clay soil

  • Plant for damp soil

  • Plant for shade

A variety of soft shield fern with wide arching fronds, whose central stipe is coated with brown scales. Emerging fronds have a silvery underside.

Prefers a moisture retentive but well-drained soil in full to partial shade. 

Height: 18 - 30 inches / 45 - 75cm                      

Spread: 18 - 36 inches / 45 - 90cm

Lynne's notes:

I love all ferns but this one is special. If you can't grow ferns because of an allergy to their spores then this one's for you. Mature fronds lie on the soil as the new fronds are due to unfurl. By this time, small, baby 'fernlets' are already present along the midribs. We detach the fronds at this time and transfer them to trays of compost. The fronds are pegged down and covered with a thin layer of grit and compost. In a few week the 'fernlets' have formed roots. That said, we leave the trays undisturbed for 3 - 4 months before separating the new ferns from the parent frond, to transfer them to individual pots. If the new fern plants are still small we place them into their own tray to grow on for a while. Once large enough, the new ferns can be planted in the garden.

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